What is the MCCA?

The Mount Carmel Community Association (MCCA) is Mount Carmel Primary School’s PTA. All parents, teachers and those associated with the school are automatically members. We are a registered charity and as a school community we aim to have fun, create a social atmosphere and raise important funds for our school.

Why does the MCCA exist?

All the money the community raises is used to enhance our children’s education and their enjoyment of school life. The activities and events that we run have a big impact on improving facilities at our school. Every parent is an essential component in making this a success and it cannot happen without you!

What we have achieved?

Due to the overwhelming support of the parents over the years, the MCCA has been able to fund such items as:

– A new school stage;
– Audio-visual equipment for the school hall;
– Interactive whiteboards;
– 90 Learning Pads;
– KS1 playground.

These are just a few examples of the donations that the school has received over the years. MCCA funding aims to support children’s learning across all year levels.

Priorities for 2015 and beyond.

The KS1 Playground has now been completed.  The school has asked that we continue our fundraising efforts to support an all-weather-surface for the development. This is a project that requires substantial funding.  To-date the MCCA has earmarked £23K based on 2014/15 agreed fundraising plans for that year and we would like to continue to fundraise to support this development in 2015/16.

Who is the MCCA Committee?

The MCCA committee, is a group of parent volunteers who are elected annually at the AGM. The role of the committee is to administer the Model Constitution (Nov 11)  and operates in accordance with the UK PTA Constitution and Guidance Notes (England and Wales) November 2011 as well as meet the requirements of the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The elected committee for 2015-2016 school year is as follows:

Treasurer:  Emma McEwan
Secretary:  Jarz Woodford

Ordinary Committee Members:
Lorna O’Driscoll
Alice Patten
Roisin Sullens
Shivaun O’Shea
Linda Hogan
Caroline Fitzgibbon
Donna Thomas
Katja DeSouza
Janine Walsh
Gin Perrone

All committee members have an equal vote, other than the chair who has a secondary or casting vote. As a Chairperson has not been nominated this year, the committee will rotate the role for each meeting.  The person nominated for each meeting will be communicated via the proposed agenda and meeting minutes.

Christmas Fair Co-ordinator:  Lorna O’Driscoll & Marta Sequeira
Catering Co-ordinators: Caroline Fitzgibbon and Linda Hogan
Treasury support: Helen Melville
Class Rep Co-ordinator: Lori Cappiello
Newsletter and Web: Kelly Ohlmus 
Cake Sales: Patrizia TrentoLuana Maglio


To continue the fantastic fundraising and wonderful events that have been so enjoyed by the school community, the committee relies on the support from the parent body to volunteer their time and effort. Without this support many of the events and fundraising is not possible. Find out how you can get involved.