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23 Hilarious Parent Reactions to PTA Requests… A Humourous Roundup

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Last term was Christmas fair season and for many school parents associations it’s the biggest fundraiser of the year. All hands were needed on deck to pull together and lay on a magical day for the kids – Santa’s grotto, games stalls, festive food and drink – all needing a ton of volunteers to make it happen.

Yep, sure it would be a lot easier if loads of parents pitched in to help. But let’s face it – PTAs don’t always have the best rep, and some parents would rather run a mile barefoot in the snow than flip burgers for 3 hours at the Christmas fair.

As part of my job working with PTAs, I regularly speak with committee members all over the country, and although many have an uphill struggle getting parents to help out – we did manage to make them laugh out loud with a few choice gifs. 

Take a look and see whether you recognise any of these reactions – whether you received them, or dished them out yourself!
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New MCCA 2015/16 Committee

On the 7th of October the MCCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held.  As a result, a new committee was elected for the 2015-2016 school year.

As a Chairperson has not been nominated this year, the committee will rotate the role for each meeting.  The person nominated to Chair will be announced via the proposed agenda and documented via meeting minutes.

If you have a question for the committee, you can attend a committee meeting (notified via the school newsletter or via the events section of this site) or you can direct your questions to the Secretary who will forward to the relevant person.

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One Pot (Pan) Spaghetti

Found this on and tried it the other night – and it was pretty good!  The fact that the kids ate it, even better.   The big attraction is that it’s made in one dish and takes 10mins!  I used 200g Curly Leaf Kale (because kids hate soggy spinach leaves).  Also great option if you are trying to cut down on meat.  Enjoy!

Got a one-pot-recipe to share?  Love to hear about it.

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Shrove Tuesday Recipe Ideas?

IMG_1095Don’t forget that it’s Shrove Tuesday on 17th February, so any ideas for feeding the family pancakes welcomed.

Last year I went down the savoury path, with this mince pancake filling with left over spaghetti bolognese – it wasn’t bad at all.

Looking for some great ideas this year.  Any suggestions?


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