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Playground Surface Update

Wonderful news!!  The new playground, which has been a fundraising project over the past couple of years’ and donated by MCCA with 2013/14 school year fundraising, can now be completed with monies raised from last year (2014/15) fundraising.  This means that 2015/16 MCCA fundraising can now be directed towards other projects to help support the school and enhance our children’s education.

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New Playground Development Stage 1

Mount-Carmel-RC-Primary-School-Playground-DevelopementMany parents will have seen by now that the new playground development is underway.  The MCCA has donated £30,000 towards this project so far.  This has helped to kick-start the development.  Very soon the children will enjoy playing on the new equipment as well as using the scooter park.  All this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of parents who get involved with fundraising year on year.

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