New Playground Development Stage 1

Mount-Carmel-RC-Primary-School-Playground-DevelopementMany parents will have seen by now that the new playground development is underway.  The MCCA has donated £30,000 towards this project so far.  This has helped to kick-start the development.  Very soon the children will enjoy playing on the new equipment as well as using the scooter park.  All this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of parents who get involved with fundraising year on year.

We would like to continue to donate to this development as it will only be partially completed.   The astro-turf is the next big expense.  We continue to rely on parents coming forward to contribute to the fundraising efforts which will help to make this an all weather play area.

“Words cannot thank you enough for the continual support that you have given to Mount Carmel to ensure that such a fantastic project has been able to be developed. It is due to the £30,000 that you have raised, which has meant that this playground area for the children has been able to be developed.

The most important part of seeing it being built is the expressions on the children’s faces. They are so excited and that is down to your kindness. Thank you.

The next stage is to astro-turf the area, so the whole area will be completely user-friendly all year round. This is an enormous expense, but it will be the next stage of the development.
I hope that you will continue to support the MCCA to ensure that this development may happen as soon as possible.”  Mrs Walsh Head Teacher.



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