A massive ‘thank you’ to all those parents and carers, who supported our first ever Summer Party.

As many of you know, the party set-up did not go to plan.  It was due to take place in the lower grounds of the school with the stage, bar and stalls in their normal positions.  Unfortunately, due to dismal weather forecasts, we had to quickly change plans at midday on Friday and move everything to the top playground and inside the hall.  This was unfortunate, as it felt a little fragmented with the band etc. inside, but was the best we could do to salvage the event.

What we did achieve was to deliver an event that was shorter in duration, scaled back and less commercial, which was the objective following on from the feedback received after last year’s Summer Fair- we halved the number of stalls, slashed the cost of entry and used as much of our own equipment as possible (e.g – our own stage).

There were still smiling faces and children running happily in their school.  There was a real sense of fun and relaxed atmosphere around the event.   It was also a success in terms of fundraising.  There are still some expenses and sponsorship income to be received but at this point we can expect the final profit to be just over £9,000 after costs of approx. £1,600.  All funds will support the refurbishment of the school library.

This is a fantastic result considering it was a shorter event operating within its own contingency.   Last year we raised approx. £10K profit with expenses of approx. £6,800.

It’s the Mount Carmel Community that makes these events such a success – thank you!

Finally a BIG thank you to Lorna O’Driscoll for taking the reins for the Christmas and Summer events over the past two years.  Words cannot describe how much she has done for the MCCA and for our school.  We welcome Linda Hogan who will be taking over as chief organiser for the next academic year. Many thanks Linda.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, especially Sky and RSK and all the companies and individuals who supported our school for this event.


1st prize – Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone tkt no. 03979 (Iellianna Correa)
2nd prize – Bang & Olufsen headphone tkt no. 02217 (Lisa O’Brien)
3rd prize 32inch LG TV tkt no. 04262 (Jennise Williams)
4th prize Tablet tkt no. 00783 (Donna Thomas)
5th prize Sweetpea and Willow voucher tkt no. (Sue Duffy)
6th prize 2 Day Family Pass – The Park Club tkt no. 01117 (Angela O’Conner)
7th prize Harrods High Tea tkt no. 00746 (Gail Pugh)
8th prize Case of wine tkt no. 04825 (Katrina Mount)
9th prize 1 month Eden Fitness pass tkt no. 03046 (Mrs Vipla Kaplon)
10th prize Family Carvery at Forester tkt no. 00471 (Rowan Dunton)


1.     Signed England Rugby Ball – Phil Regan
2.     Signed Southampton Shirt – Helen Melville
3.     Chiswick Pool – Swimming Party – Derek and Martin
4.     4 Day Chiswick Holiday Camp – Dee Taylor
5.     Richard Corrigans lunch for 2 – Steve Alcock
6.     Goals Football Party – Steve Alcock


IMG_3207 IMG_3208

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